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The Sign of the Rainbow - Adam S. - 2021/09/05 20:20

 If you are like me, it is easy to take signs of God’s love found in nature for granted. The other day, when I was out walking, a ginormous natural sign hit my eyesight—a rainbow. I’ve seen rainbows m...

Soul-Searching: Psalm 139 - Adam S. - 2021/01/29 23:27

What does it mean to search for something? A search is not a low-energy effort to find something. A search is a deep, intense probing that will not stop until something is found. How do we search?We p...

A Bad Trade-In (Jeremiah 2) - Adam S. - 2020/12/24 17:43

 What is the best, most refreshing water you have ever had?I know some of the best water I have ever had is an ice cold, bottled water or water from a cold fountainSay you had a choice between cold, r...

You Aren't Too Good For Any Service: John 13:1-20 - Adam S. - 2020/08/22 00:10

Imagine the most menial and humiliating work you can do for others. In the Western world we often use maids as the stereotypical, lowly servant. Other occupations that come to mind are waiters, sewage...

As in the Days of Noah (Part 2) - Henry Martin - 2020/08/08 19:21

 “When Jared had lived 162 years, he fathered Enoch.” Gen. 5:18The two families of mankind had probably started to interact before the birth of Jared’s son Enoch. Based on Jared’s name meaning “Descen...

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This month (March 2017) we will be studying and writing about the Book of Numbers.

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