What is an Administrator?Edit

An Administrator is a user on Bible Wiki that has been designated with special user privileges and is a leader of the community. The primary responsibility of an Administrator is to carry out the mission and ministerial goals of Bible Wiki. This is done firstly through the administration, management and development of the content. Secondly, Administrators are responsible for maintaining and creating a Bible-studying Christian community; even moreso responsible for growing their faith and knowledge of the Bible from the site. Thirdly, Administrators are the lead evangelists for the site, responsible for equipping the users to share, and most of all, sharing the Gospel themselves; through our multiple platforms.

Who are the Administrators?Edit



  • HereticOnAStick, Administrator & Bureaucrat; inactive-over 5 years
  • Lelouch Di Britannia, Administrator & Bureaucrat; retired
  • Kathleen.wright5, Administrator; inactive and retired
  • EmpyreanSmoke, Administrator & Bureaucrat; inactive
  • Jgrubbs, Interim Administrator; made no edits, served in a special advisory and mentorship role to Superdadsuper for 6 months and helped recruit SouthWriter, who supplanted and surpassed his role

How can I become an Administrator?Edit

We are currently not looking for Administrators. If we seek some to fill a position it will be posted here.